Busker in Mid Air
The Buskers got up for three sets at Flanagan’s Irish Pub in Dunedin.

The Irish Buskers is a five-person Celtic music band that plays some songs that are traditional, some that are melodic and sweet, some well-known sing-along pub songs, some raucous noisy bits, and a few original songs.

The Buskers’ set list includes everything from the traditional instrumentals Planxty Irwin and Irish Washerwoman to the well-known Raglan Road and Wild Mountain Thyme to the raucous What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor and the Pogues’ The Boys from the County Hell.

The Buskers have been known to throw in a few limericks (mostly PG-rated) at performances.

The Irish Buskers formed in Tampa in 2007 as a six-person band. Since forming to play a St. Patrick’s Day event, the Buskers have performed around the Tampa Bay area and elsewhere in Florida (and a couple of spots in Ireland), tending to be busiest in March.

In February 2010 the Buskers recorded a demo CD of 10 songs, including eight covers and two Busker originals. The album is called (wait for it….) “The Irish Buskers”.